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How To Attract Positive Energy And Positive People Into Your Life

September 18, 2011

Believe it or not… as human beings we are all transmitting energy (either positive or negative energy) and other people will pick up the same signal or energy and do the same. This is what known as the law of attraction.

And remember that it requires the same effort to transmit either positive or negative energy. Therefore, the goal is to train ourselves to transmit the positive energy because it can result in positive results. For instance, if you want to attract like-minded positive people, you must transmit the positive signal so that it’s in congruent or matching with those you want to attract. The evidence is everywhere, just take a look at a group of people or the friends you currently hang around with. If you get along well with a group of people, you will soon notice that you guys are more or less transmitting the same signals to each other.

So why do we want to attract positive like-minded people? Well, the answer is simple… because positive people will encourage and support you. They don’t blame you for your failure, they help to allay your fears and encourage you to go forward. On the other hand, negative people will tell you that you can not achieve your goals, or they are too difficult to reach.

Here are some ways to help you attract positive people and create more positive energy in your life:

1. Always look at the positive qualities of others. Everyone has both good and bad sides. The important thing here is to strive to enlarge the good qualities and suppress the bad ones.

2. If you focus on your good qualities, you will be well aware of your own fine qualities and project these qualities to others. This will send positive signals and attract those who are transmitting the same signals as yours.

3. Value others’ opinions. Positive energy is open-minded. Listen to others points of view and do your best to understand their positions. It’s very normal that we have different point of views, the key here is to respect each other’s opinion and focus on the positive sides that you and others can agree on.

4. Refrain from judging. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Judging produces negative energy and attracts more of the same back you.

5. Be honest. Express your thoughts truthfully with honesty, your words are your wand, choose them well and based them on facts that you can stand on. Show people that you are not all talk but you back it up with turthful actions.

6. Do not be afraid to admit that you have occasional negative thoughts and emotions. We are just humans and negative thoughts are part of human nature. The key is to STOP your negative thoughts and emotions to get out of control and overwhelm your mind. ·

7. When you see your friends accomplish success, celebrate success and happiness with them. Negative energy is full of jealousy, but positive people are joyful when others succeed and they use this as the fuel to motivate themselves to success.

8. Persevere in spite of fear and setback. Fears and setbacks are part of life, rather than bemoan a setback, use it as an opportunity to learn something new and prepare yourself to become more successful next time.

People with positive energy look at the world from the positive angle or perspective. They are able to avoid those who are trying to smear their views with cynicism and bitterness. They always try to see the positive side of a story, they rejoice in the success of others, and diligently motivate themselves to accomplish success.



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